The Good, The Bad and The Queen tour

Goodbadqueen The Good, The Bad and The Queen’s album is, according to ElectricRoulette "Half pretty decent listening, the rest is completely forgettable." Well, for those of you wanting to see Damon Albarn & Co play it out live, you can see the band on a UK tour of "eccentric" venues.

The venues were apparently chosen because of "historical significance" to the band. For example, Southsea’s Parade Pier on January 27th was chosen after Albarn played there in 1995 Blur’s Seaside Tour, while Aylesbury was picked by Paul Simonon, having previously hosted a Clash gig on January 5th, 1980 with Ian Dury.

It’s still not clear why anyone would willingly go to Warrington.

For the full list of tour dates, read on after the turn.

Full tour dates:

Bristol New Trinity Theatre (January 27)
Southsea Parade Pier (28)
Leeds Irish Centre (29)
Motherwell Concert Hall (30)
Dudley JBS (February 1)
London York Hall Leisure Centre (2)
Warrington Pyramid & Parr Hall (3)
Aylesbury Civic Centre (4)


One Response to “The Good, The Bad and The Queen tour”

  1. Sean Hannam Says:

    I must say that the G.B & Q album is wonderful – the best thing I’ve heard all year. Yes, I know it’s only Jan, but this record will take some beating.
    Albarn’s great pop sensibilities and Simenon’s dub basslines are a fantastic combination – it’s an eerie, edgy pop album – not a duff track on it. A strange, other-worldly record – a hauting soundtrack to modern life (is rubbish?) in London.
    Also, check out The View and The Holdsteady – great stuff!

    Sean X

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