Tony Wilson works through Cancer

Factory Records founder Tony Wilson may be battling kidney cancer, but that isn’t stopping him busying himself with his plans for the future, most notably, his 2007 editions of the long-running In the City music seminars in London and Manchester.

Wilson told that he is about to start "two weeks of evil chemotherapy" and that he’s staying positive about his prognosis. His illness has forced the postponement of a planned Perth edition of In the City later this year, which he hopes to stage in 2008.

Wilson talked excitedly about In the City New York, which will be
held June 13-14 and feature showcases by up-and-coming U.K. bands and
industry panels. Among the latter will be "Bring Me Your Poor and
Huddled Masses, and We’ll Make Them Starve and Send Them Back to You,"
about U.S. artists who break first in England, and what Wilson
describes as the "HAL" panel, where "five or six of the best thinkers
in the industry will just be sitting around debating."
And while Wilson is not yet at liberty to reveal which bands will
perform, he says he has extended an offer to Enter Shikari, who he
calls "the most exciting band in the world. I stood in the back of this
room in Manchester in early October. There were 200 15- and 16-year-old
middle class kids with glow sticks, going fucking beserk. I thought,
where have I been here before? It’s the Sex Pistols. It is that

Wilson also serves as an associate producer on the now-completed Joy
Division film "Control," due out later this year. But he didn’t get his
way with the soundtrack, which he wanted to be comprised of emo bands
revisiting Joy Division material. The album will instead reportedly
feature a blend of vintage Joy Division songs and covers by bands like
U2 and the Killers."One of the greatest cover versions of [Joy Division’s] ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is Fall Out Boy’s — a wonderful acoustic version," he says. "Even though the hero of emo is Morrissey, the great song of emo is ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ An emo soundtrack would introduce Joy Division’s music to a whole new generation."


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