Council to consider Glasto Licence

Glastonbury Festival director Melvin Benn has submitted a licence application to Mendip District Council in what seems to be an annual song-and-dance between the festival and the locals.

The council’s licensing department is now gathering the views of the responsible authorities (the police, fire brigade, environmental health, trading standards, planning and social services) who will be responsibe for ensuring the festival will come up to scratch in four key areas. Basically, Pilton and it’s surrounding areas need to know that there will be sufficient prevention of crime and disorder, the safety of the public, public nuisance
    and making sure that the kids are alright (which is handy seeing as The Who will be headlining this year).

The application is the first made for a festival since the implementation of new licensing laws.

Under the new laws, a four-year licence is being applied for. The
application is for an annual event to be held on a maximum of six days. Of course, the six days
applies to the total amount of time the site would be open, whilst the music will be on for the usual three core days. The festival also wants to increase the
number of attendees from 150,000 to 177,500, on a larger site with a
new campsite and entertainment area.

Licensing laws state that people living in the area can put forward their views for consideration,
but any comments must be made in writing to the district council’s
licensing department by March 9. Anyone who wants to view the
application needs to visit the council offices at Cannards Grave Road
in Shepton Mallet (pre-arrange any visits first). If you would like
to see the application please contact customer services on 01749 648999
or This year’s event is to take place June 20 – 25.


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