Glasto 2007 – SOLD OUT


Fancy going to Glastonbury festival this year? Well, you better start entering competitions because it’s sold out.

The ticket phone line and online booking opened this morning at 9am, and by 10.45, all regular tickets priced £145 were sold out.

Due to the overwhelming demand, the only online ticket service through was under huge strain. People logging in to their computers little after 8am this morning found that they got ‘server busy’ error messages.

At one point a listing appeared on trading website eBay offering the ‘direct dial telephone number for Glastonbury’ for a mere £9.99.

Shame the listing didnt end for a further two days and 29 minutes! The listing was pulled by the end of the morning.

Michael Eavis who organises the festival said the new ticket sales procedure had been a huge success overall.

He said: “We had 250,000 people queueing to get through at any one time. It’s brilliant. We’ve been doing it for 37 years, so we must be getting something right.” Eavis offered hope to those who have miss out too.

Eavis said that disappointed fans would be able to try and get a
ticket later in the month. Tickets that are not wanted or have not been
paid for will go on sale on April 22.
Eavis reckons that “There could be 15,000 to 20,000 of those tickets
To buy tickets for this year’s event taking place from June 22-24,
festival goers were required to pre-register their details in an
attempt to stamp out ticket touts. Tickets will be issued with the
recipients photo and address on them.
Nearly 400,000 applicants were chasing 177,000 tickets, more tickets
than in previous years, as Mendip Council recently increased the
capacity allowance for Worthy Farm.
The line-up for the festival will be announced in June, though artists
that have already confirmed that they will play include Arctic Monkeys,
The Who, Dame Shirley Bassey, Babyshambles and Bjork… and lots of mangy dogs on string.


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