Ride to reform!


Ride are the latest band to hit the reunion trail, following the recent reformations of other indie icons the Jesus and Mary Chain (according to Uncut).

Ride fronted by Andy Bell and Mark Gardener were at the forefront of the shoegazing scene until the band’s split in 1996 which saw them releasing one of their better LPs, Tarantula (aint that always the way!?).

Members of the group have pursued various pursuits since the break-up, with Andy Bell forming Hurricane#1, and going on to become a member of Oasis (spit).

Mark Gardner toured as a solo artist and as Animalhouse, whilst drummer Laurence Colbert has been drumming with the newly reformed Jesus and Mary Chain.

Ride are tipped to play the North By Northeast Music and Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. The festival takes place June 7-10.

There is no word yet whether Ride will play any UK dates, though a live DVD is being planned for release soon. Don’t expect Mark Gardener to have as much hair as he once did though kiddies… [Mof Gimmers]


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