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The Hipshakes

February 5, 2007

Are you big and brave enough to take on The Hipshakes? Are ya? If you like shambolic, andreniline fuelled trash punk that clings on by its fingernails, then you need The Hipshakes in your life. Their longer songs clock in under 2 minutes and the release of In The Summer saw those who heard it go spewing and wild at the greatest punk single since Teenage Kicks.  Visit their MySpace page here and tell them how fucking great they are.


MySpace Artist of the Day – The Torpedo Monkeys

November 6, 2006

TtmLadies, Gents and Simian folk alike, get ready for your newest fave band in the whole world. Let me introduce to you, the wild garage surf of The Torpedo Monkeys! With mean eyed glares through Planet of the Apes masks, the monkey’s kick a perfect stink with a brutal cocktail of hipshaking surf riffs, super fuzz bass and shit kicking attitude.

El Hombre Lobo is one of the greatest surf tunes heard by these ears in years. Crunchy fried hammonds tackle wiry guitars head on with slasher flick sound FX. It’s just about perfect. Get Lost is supreme garage snot punk. Three chords and fuck you. Brilliant. You need this band more than they need you. LISTEN HERE

PopJunkie Scribe hits the spotlight

October 19, 2006

SeanhammanGentleman thug and PopJunkie scribe, Sean Hannam, has leapt from behind his computer and onto the centre stage with his new band The Garage Flowers. The band is Sean and former Hurricane#1 frontman Alex Lowe, and their aim? To create a zombified hybrid of garage rock, alt country, britrock and pop.

With a debut LP already cut, the band look to be taking their ragtag attack on the road! Expect a performance of Vampire Bat to get an airing (which has been described as ‘Bob Dylan ganging up with The Faces, The Stooges, Primal Scream and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’. Not to mention ‘Lost My Dog To a Bitch (which Sean describes as "Parklife-era Blur having a scrap with The Small Faces in a ’60s beat club!")

To here the Garage Flowers, click here.

MySpace Artist of the week – Those Poor Bastards

October 9, 2006

ThosepoorbastardsThose Poor Bastards aren’t so much a band. They’re a countrified jihad on stadium country and western acts who have sucked the very soul out of the great genre. Garth Brooks – beware. TPB soak in real bluegrass, fiddles and banjos… and mix it with a humour blacker than boiling tar. Oh, and they have a hangman in the band too.

Black Dog Yodel shows off lead singer Lonesome Wyatt‘s voice the best, with a diseased drawl that puts the fear of something dreadful in you. It’s magical. With Hell So Near is another grade A country tune which combines rockabilly with bluegrass… as well as their trademark evil undercurrent. 

Those Poor Bastards are to country what The Cramps are to rock’n’roll. Wiry, aggressive, accusatory… and a real love for the genre which they operate in… even if it is in the wilds on the outskirts. This band ought to be held aloft by an angry mob with pitch forks outside The Grand Ol’ Opry trying to get them in. Now, if only they’d put ‘Radio Country‘ on their MySpace page…’

To hear Those Poor Bastards, follow this link.

Mof Gimmers

MySpace Artist of the day – Derek White

October 3, 2006

Derek_whiteDerek White. Write the name down. You’ll need to know it when he’s taken over the world with his fantastic bubblegum psychedelia. Another one of those singer/songwriters that fall into the void left by Harry Nilsson, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Emmit Rhodes, with sugary rushes in the chorus and wry winks over the piano in the verses.

‘Postwar Nature’, White’s main track on his site, is a wonderful romp through the mind of Brian Wilson (circa ’65) whilst holding Elliot Smith’s hand. All the Beatle trademarks are there… the descending chords and falsettos… and it’s marvellous. ‘Informal Threnodies’ goes deeper into the pop well, with million part haromies and an impressive squeal in the chorus that is equal parts Prince and something from Wild Honey. Keep tabs on this kid.

To hear Derek White, follow this link

Mof Gimmers

MySpace Artist of the day – The VCs

September 27, 2006

ThevcsIf you haven’t been blasted off into the spookiest bits of the universe by The VCs, buddy, you need to. Hailing from some distant galaxy, Vocoder Joe, Keyop 503, FemBot S4FF and Personalotron 9000 make up the ragtag robotic/mad scientist/space pirate band of  intergalactic sci-fi surf punks.

Fans of The Cramps and Man or Astroman? will find a lot to love in this band. The band kicked off their quest for devouring planets with the incredible surf of Meteorica EP, and the accompanying gigs resulted in the epic (and insanely fantastic) Ray Harryhausen Creates his Perfect 12" Woman being unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

The band also gather up the crops of Devo, Talking Heads and classic B-52s, which can be heard in the fabulous Barbarella. You need this band more than they need you. They will conquer our puny minds.

To hear the marvellous sounds of The VCs, click here to get to their MySpace page.

Mof Gimmers

Billy Bragg in MySpace Row

September 25, 2006


Billy Bragg has kicked a stink up about MySpace, the site responsible for allowing unsigned musicians a platform to show off their music to the world’s ears, as well as attacking Bebo (a similar site). Bragg wondered ‘at what cost?’

Bragg previously said that media mogul and owner of MySpace (Rupert Murdoch) actually owned any music posted on the social networking site.

"Sorry there’s no music," he posted "Once an artist posts up any content (including songs) it then belongs to MySpace (aka Rupert Murdoch) and they can do what they want with it, throughout the world, without paying the artist." According to the small print on the site, posting your tunes means that artists agree to: "Hereby grant to
a non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, worldwide license (with
the rights to sublicense through unlimited levels of sublicensees) to
use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform, publicly
display, store, reproduce, transmit and distribute such content on and
through the services." However, reform is afoot.


MySpace Artist of the day – The Saffron Sect

September 22, 2006

Saffron_sectJesus Christ! The spirit of acid folk (circa 1967) is alive an well all over the world! Over in Blighty, we’ve got the amazing John Stammers and Nancy Cunliffe, in the US, the incredible Arborea and now, Canada’s magnificent folkers, The Saffron Sect.

‘All Leads Back’ is the opener on their MySpace page, and harks back to when Marc Bolan wasn’t a glitter-pixie in crap boots, as well as touching on the wonderful thrums of American folkies like Fred Neil.

Wonderfully psychedelic is the marvellous tent-fug of ‘Phosphorous Flash’, that sounds like Brit freakbeat crashing headlong into the Incredible String Band. Sitars, blocks, guitar, phased effects… and a raiding of the toybox… this is a rich genuine sound that deserves to be heard by anyone with even the slightest interest in sixties music. ‘Withywindle Way’ is more pastoral, and sounds like it’s been produced by Circulus.

Basically, this is a brilliant band doing incredible things. You need them in your life before they drift of into the ether. Perfect.

To listen to The Saffron Sect, follow this link

Mof Gimmers

MySpace Artist of the day – The Moving Sounds

September 19, 2006

ThemovingsoundsThe Moving Sounds are the chirpiest little red roosters on the block cutting together mod-ish hammond grooves and nasty, wiry, hip popping garage fuzz.
It’s quite normal for a garage influenced group to sound like The Sonics or The Stooges, but in a nice twist, The Moving Sounds are more like the fabulous Nazz or The Remains, retaining a clear vocal amongst pretty tuff sounds.

‘Do The Wolf’ is the sound of a houseband playing at a SanFran houseparty hosted by The Munsters. A backbeat for any clever sod to dance to, and a soulful yelp from Sweden’s own snot mod. Great stuff. The strongest tune by the band is the hard as nails ‘Look At Your Face’ which is part freakbeat, part mod, part garage… a great band who could be onto better things soon.

To listen to The Moving Sounds, follow this link

Mof Gimmers

MySpace Artist of the day – Candie Payne

September 13, 2006

CandieFans of The United States of America, Stereolab and fans of psych pop are in for a real treat with the stunning talents of Candie Payne. Taking in everything from Dusty in Memphis to Broadcast, Candie has created a sixties informed pop that sounds still relevant.

‘All I Need To Hear’ is a mini psychedelic masterpiece, which is impossibly catchy. Repeat listens will be recquired after first flirt. For those trying to get hold of a copy, good luck… a limited 500 run on seven means it’s probably deleted now. Popping guitars rub up against a Stax bassline and psych farfisa… if this is anything, it’s pop noir. If that doesn’t exist, Candie’s just invented it.

‘Hey Goodbye’ is another sixties beat stomper. This time Candie tackles something between Motown and Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger. A stunning piece of music that ensures that Candie will be shifting silly amounts of records in the near future. The rest of Candie’s output manages to sweep up Serge style broody backing, along with Brian Wilson’s toytown symphonies… as well a being the most gorgeous chanteuse you’ve heard since Peggy Lee. Candie Payne, a star in waiting.

To hear Candie Payne’s go-go greatness, follow this link to her MySpace page.

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