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Interview with Pop Levi

December 22, 2006

PopleviPop Levi is about to crash land on planet earth and shake up a dead pop scene. His arrival to PopJunkie ears was heralded with the incredible psychedelic glam pop single Blue Honey (click here to see the video) which pretty much left a trail of brilliant destruction in its wake.

With a new LP good to go next year, which already promises to be one of the albums of 2007. If ‘The Return To Form Black Magick Party’ doesn’t explode into the charts and dazzle all, then I’ll eat my own ears. I caught up with Mr Levi to talk about the making of the LP, ABBA, ‘absolute shit’ and ‘gold’ and future music – the soul of maths.



Candie Payne interview

December 15, 2006

Candiepayne Here at PopJunkie, Candie Payne has seen us refer to her brilliant ‘All I Need To Hear’ single as "a soulful Memphis pop song that takes in Dusty, Stereolab, Broadcast and The United States of America all in one. Fabulous" as well as "PopJunkie’s newest fave girl keeps hitting pop-noir
gold. Gathering everything from Dusty to Serge, Candie creates a
wonderful chic pop that echoes everything that is great about having
ears," before adding "certainly set for huge things".

If you haven’t guessed, we’re big fans of this girl. With an LP and single due out early next year, we caught up with Candie to have a chat about her influences, her new video, the birth of pop-noir and her lack of groupies. To see an unofficial vid for her new single, set for release in February, click here and read on for the interview.


Eddie Shaw of The Monks speaks!

October 6, 2006

Themonks_1It’s unbelievable. The Monks are indeed like buses (big black scary buses admittedly). You listen to their LPs for most of your adult life hoping to speak to them, then BANG! Two come along at once! After speaking to Gary Burger (singer and guitar grizzler) last week, we now caught up with Eddie Shaw, the man responsible for the plethora of evil bass-lines for The Monks.

He chatted about the early days, Vietnam, The Monk sound and much more…


Interview with The Electric Prunes

October 2, 2006


On the back of an interview with the mighty Gary Burger of The Monks, PopJunkie has another scoop! An in-depth interview with the legendary psychedelic misfits, The Electric Prunes. Lead singer James Lowe, and noise-smith Mark Tulin chat about their new LPthose David Axelrod LPs, making music and the rise and fall and the phoenix like resurgence of the incredible Electric Prunes.


Interview with Gary Burger from The Monks

September 28, 2006

Monks_gary_burgerPopJunkie caught up with the legend that is Gary Burger, howlin’ Rock and fuckin’ Roll lunatic from THE finest garage band ever, The Monks. He talks about laughing ’til he pukes, insulting and shocking sixties beat goers and generally cutting through the bullshit!

The Monks will soon be playing their first ever gig on UK soil (details can be found here) so what better reason to hear from them?

Read on.


Kathryn Williams interview and new LP news

September 13, 2006

Kathryn_williams_1Kathryn Williams is on the cusp of releasing her greatest work yet. Her new LP, ‘Leave To Remain’ is a beautiful amalgam of country/folk, Spector-esque strings, and of course, Kathryn’s brilliant snap-shot vignettes into curious worlds.

She is also set to release her Desire-esque single, ‘Hollow‘ on her own Caw imprint, which already won rave reviews on PopJunkie, and you can see her video by following this link.

I caught up with Kathryn to see what she was doing, and to talk about her work and babies coming out of her arse.


Interview with Alasdair Roberts

September 13, 2006

Alisdair_robertsAlasdair Roberts wowed audiences at this years Green Man Festival, mixing up traditional folk songs from his ‘No Earthly Man’ LP, and newer songs. Roberts’ LPs are always a stunning affair, mixed with the raw tender emotion, along with his canny ear for a melody.

I caught up with him to have a chat about his new LP, ‘The Amber Gatherers’, his plans and Leonard Cohen.


PopJunkie catches up with the genius of The Junipers

September 7, 2006

Joejuniper_mommaA few months ago, a band who are so obscenely talented were featured on the pages of PopJunkie. The band featured was the brain child of pop Mozart, Joe Wiltshire. Joe is the boy behind the incredible Monkberry Momma, and the sublime folky outfit, The Junipers.

Since the feature, he’s been a busy pup, and now that our paths are about to cross again, I felt it a good time to catch up with my favourite artist of the moment.


PopJunkie Ed in playing records shocker!

August 30, 2006

Love_shepherd_sunOk, time for some self promotion. Yours truly will be spinning records at this Friday’s monthly Manchester shindig of the Love Shepherd. So after all this ranting and raving about various tunes, you can now put my record collection to the test. I’ll be playing psych, garage and rock & roll alongside B-Music aficionados, Lee Janda and Goff, as well as John Stammers (fresh from his Green Man adventure). And then there is the one man house fire, Sir John MacKenzie.

Expect Tropicalia, Kraut, Mod R’n’B, Psych, Prog, Garage, Folk, Country and more in the basement of The Dry Bar (once owned by Factory Records) on Oldham St, which is situated in the city centre of Manchester.

Mof Gimmers

Click here to see the Love Shepherd MySpace site, and to hear the Love Shepherd jukebox.

LOVE SHEPHERD, 1st Friday of every month, Dry Bar Basement, Oldham St.

Keep the Palace Fires burning

August 18, 2006

Palace Fires are the fantastic new band formed by former Gene members Steve Mason (guitar) and Matt James (drums).
This time around, Steve and Matt are joined by Ed Bannard (vocals and guitar) and Mike Buchanan (bass).
Their haunting, folk-tinged debut single, Nothing Comes Close, is released on August 21st. It has already drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake. Pop Junkie spoke to Matt about his latest venture.


Pop Junkie: How does it feel to be starting out in a band again? Is it exciting? Does it remind you of the early days of Gene?

Matt James: It’s dead exciting – I highly recommend it. It is very similar to the early days of Gene. The genuine possibility of failure or success is always in the back of your mind, spicing things up. Of course, if it does go tits up, I’ll always have positive memories of what it’s like to get signed and have a record released.