Richard Hawley to tour

May 15, 2007

What happens when you mix Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Scott Walker and get the resultant mush and fling it into a cement mixer in Sheffield? You get the honeyed tones of the brilliant Richard Hawley. Hawley is a tour-de-force live and should be caught by anyone with an interest in classic pop. Thankfully for you, he’s about to hit the road.

Hawley has announced a 15-date UK tour, ahead of the release of his new album in August.

The tour will kick off in Southampton on September 2, and will conclude in Manchester on September 21.

Hawley’s new album ‘Lady’s Bridge’ will be released on August 20. Read over for dates.

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Robert Wyatt recording new LP

May 14, 2007

Robertwyatt The legendary Robert Wyatt has signed a new record deal with independent label Domino Recordings, and has started recording the follow up to his 2003 Mercury Music Prize nominated album, "Cuckooland," due for release this Autumn.

Wyatt joins Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/ Will Oldham, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys at Domino.

The icon will also be making an appearance at this year’s Hay Festival, in Hay On Wye, this month.

The 20th edition of the literature and arts festival will see Wyatt in conversation with renowned music writer Simon Reynolds – discussing his diverse career from Soft Machine to working with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Bjork.

He will also be talking about what it’s like being a songwriter in muisc today.

Robert Wyatt appears at Hay On Wye on May 27.

Ride to reform!

May 11, 2007


Ride are the latest band to hit the reunion trail, following the recent reformations of other indie icons the Jesus and Mary Chain (according to Uncut).

Ride fronted by Andy Bell and Mark Gardener were at the forefront of the shoegazing scene until the band’s split in 1996 which saw them releasing one of their better LPs, Tarantula (aint that always the way!?).

Members of the group have pursued various pursuits since the break-up, with Andy Bell forming Hurricane#1, and going on to become a member of Oasis (spit).

Mark Gardner toured as a solo artist and as Animalhouse, whilst drummer Laurence Colbert has been drumming with the newly reformed Jesus and Mary Chain.

Ride are tipped to play the North By Northeast Music and Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. The festival takes place June 7-10.

There is no word yet whether Ride will play any UK dates, though a live DVD is being planned for release soon. Don’t expect Mark Gardener to have as much hair as he once did though kiddies… [Mof Gimmers]

Stevie Wonder sings Superstition on Sesame Street.

May 10, 2007

For no other reason than I’ve been hammering Stevie Wonder LPs all week, I thought I’d include a video of the great man. Performing a super tough version of Superstition on Sesame Street (of all things), watch Stevie in his full pomp! Don’t try saying the headline if you’ve got a lisp…

Bonnie Prince Billy to cover Mariah Carey?

May 8, 2007


Devendra Banhart has covered Oasis for a new compilation.

The singer does a version of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ on the compilations ‘Guilt By Association’, which is set to be released on August 27.

‘What the piss is going on’ you may well be thinking. Well, it explaining the logic behind the album, Wes Verhoeve general manager of Engine Room, who are releasing the album, said: "A lot of really great bands were being dropped from the major labels at that time, and we thought it would be a cool idea to have bands like that cover some of the acts that were actually being supported by the majors."

Read, great acts covering shit ones. Proof? The album also features Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy doing Mariah Carey’s ‘Can’t Take That Away’ and The Concretes doing ”Back For Good’ by Take That. Read over for full tracklisting…

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Amps up to 11. Spinal Tap are back!

May 5, 2007


Spinal Tap are back to brandish their big bottoms and tell us all about their hell holes. This time the mock-rockers want to help save the world from global warming.

The spoof heavy metal group immortalised in the 1984 mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap, will reunite for a performance at Wembley Stadium as part of the Live Earth concerts scheduled worldwide for July 7.

The original members of Spinal Tap will be there: guitarist Nigel Tufnel (played by Christopher Guest), singer David St Hubbins (Michael McKean) and the genius that is bassist Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer). Expect a single to coincide. [Mof Gimmers]

Dusty Springfield sells bread

May 5, 2007

Dusty Springfield. Bothering people with a brush. Singing about Mother’s Pride bread. No, seriously.

Alice Cooper saved by golf clubs

May 4, 2007

Alice Cooper
swapped a life of debauched wrongsex for a life birdies and a nice one wood. Terrible puns aside, he writes about saving his
life through golf in his just-published memoir, "Alice Cooper, Golf
Monster: A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict".

"I traded one bad habit for another habit, only this habit (golf) was a
lot healthier," says Cooper, who went through rehab in the late ’70s
and early ’80s but has been clean and sober since 1983 and has
counseled other celebrities about kicking their addictions.
"Golf ended up being a good trade-off," he says. "The thing about this
book, is that when I look at the whole juxtaposition of who Alice
Cooper is, the golf addiction and the music addiction, still, it’s
pretty interesting how they can co-exist."
Cooper, who co-wrote the book with twin brothers Keith and Kent
Zimmerman, alternates chapters about his golf experiences with details
about the rest of his life, including the development of the Alice
Cooper alter ego and of his trademark flamboyant and macabre stage
shows. He reveals for the first time that it was longtime manager Shep
Gordon who threw the chicken on stage in a famous incident at the 1970
Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival Show.

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Marva Whitney belts through Things Got To Get Better

May 4, 2007

For no reason other than I’ve been hammering the brilliant ‘It’s My Thing’, I’m including a video by Soul Sister No.1, Marva Whitney. Marva, apart from being jaw droppingly beautiful, had a voice so intense that it actually sets the air around your ears on fire. Of course, she is known for her work alongside James Brown of which he gave some of his best productions, and this, a blinding rendition of Things Got To Get Better should only serve to prove the point. Better news is that buy clicking here, you can see her live too!

Baez banned by army

May 4, 2007

Joan Baez has made claims that she was stopped by US Army officials from performing for hospitalised US troops last week.

Baez, famous for her stance against all things warring, says in a letter to the Washington Post that officials disallowed her from appearing alongside John Mellencamp at a gig at the Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington DC.

"I have always been an advocate for nonviolence," she wrote, "and I have stood as firmly against the Iraq war as I did the Vietnam War 40 years ago. I realise now that I might have contributed to a better welcome home for those soldiers fresh from Vietnam. Maybe that’s why I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to sing for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In the end, four days before the concert, I was not ‘approved’ by the Army to take part. Strange irony."

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